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This may sound basic but nevertheless it is an important question that can be difficult to answer as it depends so much on size/age of the people and dresses concerned and the length of the journey etc for the wedding car. The cars are classed as 5 seaters including the driver so 3 adults in the rear and one up front is comfortable, bearing in mind these vintage cars have lots of leg room in the rear to stretch out there is always plenty of room for the Bride and her wedding dress

YES.  If the journey is less than about 15 minutes to the church then yes, however if the journey is longer we recommend that it is not so good to keep the bridesmaids waiting whilst the Bride arrives in the vintage wedding car.

Dress sizes vary, but rest assured vintage cars have acres of leg room and dress size has never been an issue and we have completed many hundreds of weddings over the years in these beautiful vintage wedding cars.

An estimate of the journey times can be given during the the quotation stage, but a precise time will be given about 4 weeks prior to the wedding day. All journeys are practiced to ensure no hiccups on the day and this enables us to give a reliable journey time with the added bonus of having confidence of all the venues etc.

This may be an option you have considered and it will clearly save you money if you have a friend with a lovely car. However it does put a lot of stress and responsibility on that friend and if they are doing the driving they may well miss out on some of the wedding and the reception too!

This is a good question... At Vintage Wedding Cars Cambridge all the vintage cars are meticulously maintained in house by the most fastidious of owner who simply loves his cars. All components are duplicated so that if the unmentionable happens there is always a replacement part..including a completely renovated spare engine.  The other factor is that as we have more than one beautiful vintage wedding car a suitable back up vehicle is always on hand. I hasten to add we have never experienced any issues whatsoever!